Mine Site Dust System & Hopper Modifications

Project in focus:
Mine Site – Dust Collection System & Hopper Modifications
Project Scope:
Our client operates a mine at Golden Grove and required a purpose designed solution to the dust being generated in the reagent area of the plant.


  • Airfab after consultation with the client proposed a solution that took into account the operational issues of the proposed system
  • Collected dust was converted into slurry and disposed of with other collected slurry in the area
  • All collector duct work was manufactured from stainless steel and the existing hoppers were modified to accept the new dust collection system


  • The major benefit is to collect dust at the source in which it is generated. A unique feature of the system is to dispose of the dust without any intervention i.e. having to empty bins etc. It is simply converted to slurry and disposed of within the existing system on site.
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