Oat Mill Upgrade

Project in focus:
Oat Mill Dust Collection System Auditing & Upgrade
Project Scope:
Carry out and provide a detailed review on the existing ventilation and dust collection system at the roller mill.


  • Review all current operating systems and provide a report as well as recommendations
  • Investigate & report on ongoing design issues as well as high levels of maintenance and repairs
  • Provide budget solutions to poor extraction and issues with quality control, poor productivity and ongoing maintenance issues
  • Upgrade seven systems with dust collectors, reverse pulse, shaker filter house and cyclones
  • Reticulate duct work systems and hoods
  • Manufacture and install of all systems and related duct work including civils.


The new systems have been able to achieve;
  • Better product quality control
  • More efficient dust collection systems reducing cleaning and maintenance times
  • Greatly improved working conditions within the Mill rooms and associated areas
  • Reduced dust emissions into the environment.
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