Welding Machine Service

AirFab employ a team of trained and qualified technicians who specialise in welder repairs, welder maintenance and welder servicing with industry experience of over 30 years.We pride ourselves in our dedication to the industry and the training our young apprentices receive from our highly respected technicians. As the authorised distributors and service agents for Lincoln …

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Dust Maintenance

Why maintain dust collectors? Dust collector maintenance needs be done regularly to ensure optimum safe performance of the equipment and areas serviced. We offer a regular inspection service, where we can provide you a comprehensive inspection report on any current or potential issues. We have skilled technicians and engineers who are able to advise and …

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Fume Maintenance

Do you provide Compliance Testing? Having competent and trained technicians, we offer annual as well as six monthly compliance testing on fume cupboards to Australian Standards. We will provide a compliance certificate to Australian standards once the Fume Cupboard Annual or 6 monthly Compliance Testing is completed. Where do you service? We travel throughout Western …

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Wet Scrubbers

The basic principle of operation is that the incoming dust has to be adequately wetted to add weight/mass to each particle so that it can be removed in what is fundamentally a cyclonic separator or baffled chamber or similar device. In the dust and fume control environment, there are many types of control equipment. A …

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Welding Fume Extraction

We provide specialist central ducted systems for welding fume extraction, solder fume extraction and other applications such as extraction tables for fumes and dust created during metal grinding processes. Welding fume extraction systems are required in schools, colleges & universities. For the safety and health of your staff every workplace should have a suitable system …

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Spray Booths

We can supply and install a spray booth to your specific needs and application, a spray booth that is designed for various dimensional work pieces, but is space efficient, and requires minimal maintenance with a long useful life. The filters are easily replaceable and low cost. Principle of operation: With thousands of filaments arranged in …

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Shaker Type Collectors

A Shaker Dust Collector is a bag house unit; where the bag house is connected by ductwork to a small number of machines where saw dust or similar materials are collected. Filter elements are automatically cleaned, usually by means of a small electric vibrating motor connected to a structural frame supporting the end of the …

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Reverse Jet Pulse Dust Collector

Why a Reverse Jet Pulse Dust Collector? Fully automatic, highly efficient, and economical. The reverse jet pulse dust collector combines the latest technology and innovations with maintenance free operation. Reverse-pulse-jet dust collectors can be operated continuously without the need to shut down for cleaning. Pulses of compressed air are carried out without interruption of flow. …

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