Do you provide Compliance Testing?

Having competent and trained technicians, we offer annual as well as six monthly compliance testing on fume cupboards to Australian Standards. We will provide a compliance certificate to Australian standards once the Fume Cupboard Annual or 6 monthly Compliance Testing is completed.

Where do you service?

We travel throughout Western Australia doing compliance testing for the 6 month and annual compliance testing, providing quotations for any further recommended works. Trained to complete dust collector maintenance, fume extraction testing, exhaust hood testing you can have all your annual or 6 monthly compliance testing done in one trip. Our engineering team would be able to provide custom solutions to any issues or further required works.

Do I have to have my fume extraction tested?

Regular Fume cabinet testing and/or fume exhaust testing to Australian standards provides you peace of mind that the cupboards are extracting safely. Fume extraction servicing will ensure your fume system is extracting correctly and safely removing the required fume from the area.

What about general repairs and parts?

If you require fume extraction maintenance, we are able to first provide a full inspection and report, and can assist you with the necessary fume extraction system repairs. Whether you are extracting laboratory fume or general welding fume, we are able to provide regular testing as well as maintenance, repairs or replacements. We supply a full range of Dynaflow fume cupboard parts, as well as parts of all other makes of fume cupboards.

Fume scrubber

A Fume scrubber is installed in addition to an exhaust system over a fume cupboard. Their main aim is to remove and neutralize harmful substances emitted from laboratory activities. Fume cupboard scrubbers can effectively reduce concentrations of substances such as water-soluble acid, base and organic contaminants emitted from combustions. With experienced technicians we are able to provide comprehensive maintenance of welding fume extraction systems and any associated equipment.

Sole Dynaflow Distributor for Western Australia

We are the sole Western Australia distributor of Dynaflow fume cupboards, fume scrubbers, any and all parts (for any make/model). With the backing of Dynaflow Australia we are well positioned to provide comprehensive services for any fume cupboards, fume exhaust or any other fume system.

Contact us for more information on the various services we offer by submitting an online form or calling us on 08 6555 7782.

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