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Cutmatic 45 Plasma Package


Parker Surecut SCP40 Torch
With an ergonomic handle to help prevent operator fatigue while the flexible cable makes manoeuvering easier and a safety latch for ultimate protection.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)
The machine has internal input power conditioning to smooth out the actual input current. With a smoother input current the machine is less demanding on generators and extension leads, thus increasing the options for remote site operation.

Pilot Arc Start
Provides start method without the need for conventional HF start. The torch is designed to ignite the arc inside the torch head, producing a pilot plasma arc. The plasma power then transfers from the torch to the job.

LED Indicator
For power, retaining cup status, air pressure and over temperature. Allows faster troubleshooting, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

At only 11.5kg, the Cutmatic 45 is lightweight and portable, can easily be moved around the job site making it particularly useful for on-site demolition or maintenance.

15 Amp Plug
240 V single phase operation and a 15 Amp plug allows easy access to site power.

Built-In Water Trap & Air Filter
Will remove any water in the air. This will increase the torch tip life.

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm
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