Why a Reverse Jet Pulse Dust Collector?

Fully automatic, highly efficient, and economical. The reverse jet pulse dust collector combines the latest technology and innovations with maintenance free operation. Reverse-pulse-jet dust collectors can be operated continuously without the need to shut down for cleaning. Pulses of compressed air are carried out without interruption of flow. The burst of compressed air is very small compared with the total volume of dusty air entering the collector.

The short cleaning cycle of reverse-jet collectors reduces recirculation and redeposition of dust. These collectors provide more complete cleaning and reconditioning of bags than shaker or reverse-air cleaning methods. In addition, the continuous reverse pulse cleaning feature allows the filters to operate at higher air-to-cloth ratios, minimizing the physical space require for the dust collectors.

The reverse pulse cleaning system works with the help of digital sequential timer attached to the filter. This timer initiates the solenoid valve which in turn injects the compressed air into the blow pipe.

Typical Use

A reverse jet pulse dust collector is typically used for mining and manufacturing industries where the extraction systems, ladened with dust, are required to operate for extended periods of time.

The major benefit is that they clean the filters automatically while the system is still in full operation with an efficiency rate usually greater than 99.5%.

The basic components of this type of collector are filters, pulse valves, a waste discharge airlock device and sequential timer. Clean dry compressed air is what is required to operate the pulsing system.

The cleaning of the filters is carried out whilst in operation by a burst of compressed air from the pulse valves into the filters, which allows the filters to release collected dust, the dust falls down into the hopper where it is discharged via the airlock device. The cleaning cycle is programmed via the sequential timer and is set to suit the dust loading of the collected product.

These collectors provide a more complete cleaning of the dust collector filters and generally a constant pressure drop allowing for a constant velocity within the ductwork system. Additionally, the continuous reverse pulse cleaning allows the filters to operate at higher air to cloth ratios, minimising the physical space required for the dust collector.

Custom solutions for your environment

Dust collector equipment is different from system to system as they are designed to suit the existing requirements and environment, something small like the filters come in a variety of types including tubular socks, envelope type, and cartridge or pleated. There are a lot of choices, but our trained service and maintenance team can help with all your fume and dust control needs, use our expertise to make sure the right spare parts are being installed and your system is properly maintained to ensure peak efficiency at all times as well as extend life for your investment.

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