We can also help you with auditing your existing system and producing a list of all replaceable parts, making those urgent calls for damaged or broken parts a thing of the past, you will have the necessary spares when and if you need them. Reducing the equipment down time and preventing expensive breakdowns.

Our trained service and maintenance personnel are experienced in solving any of your dust and fume control problems.

With our years of experience and the vast array of specialties we have an expert for you!

We provide cost effective service and maintenance solutions for your business—Let us take care of your maintenance needs with a fully customised maintenance schedule. Designed around your working hours, and plant requirements. Reliable, Honest service from the start.

Preventative Maintenance Programs – We can help you develop a fully tailored maintenance schedule of inspections, repairs, duct cleaning, bin emptying. Designed around your equipment’s individual needs as well as your plants requirements. Our professional team of site maintenance crews can keep your equipment working at peak efficiency.

System Upgrades – We can assist you in make an informed decision about what upgrades are right for your plant. With our in-house design, drafting, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning we can ensure you get value for money and help avoid unnecessary expenditure.

New Installations – Want to start from scratch, use our four decades worth of experience to choose the right system, then we can provide you with designing, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of your new system. Ensuring quality and affordability at all times.


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