We can supply and install a spray booth to your specific needs and application, a spray booth that is designed for various dimensional work pieces, but is space efficient, and requires minimal maintenance with a long useful life. The filters are easily replaceable and low cost.

Principle of operation: With thousands of filaments arranged in numerous layers, paint laden air is drawn through the filter media, each time the air changes direction paint collides with a filament due to its inertia. Once the paint touches the filter media is adheres to the filter surface. Only air passes freely through the filters.

Occupational health and safety dictates that you must provide a safe working environment, if you are spray painting you are required to have the correct equipment and ventilation to prevent workers from breathing noxious fumes and avoid explosions from the building up of dangerous gases within a confined space.

At AirFab we can provide the right equipment for your spray painting uses. Spray booths are ideal for any type of spray painting, and are not restricted by size, as they can be floor or bench mounted and sized to suit the goods being painted and you workshop facility.

The two main types of spray booths are:

Type 1 The basic unit has a dry fixed type of filter which allows the overspray to be collected on the filter material prior to a roof mounted air discharge stack via an axial EXE fan. Wet paint Fume will build up on this filter material and when dirty it requires replacement to ensure the velocity of extraction is maintained above 0.5 m/sec.

Type 2 Is similar but instead of a fixed filter it draws the air thru a water curtain to filter the contaminated air prior to discharge. This water does require to be changed at regular intervals to ensure it is effective. These types of system are usually used on larger systems.

To ensure that you are meeting and exceeding you occupation health and safety responsibilities, all our spray booths comply with AS4114.1-2003 Spray Painting Booths Part 1 Design, Construction and Testing

We have completed a number of projects, small and large including educational facilities where they are usually installed within a Finishing room in the Design and Technology building. Most have the need to use a spray gun using compressed air and there for to comply with AS4114.1-2003 an interlock control system is required to enable Purging cycles. We are able to provide you with a complete spray painting booth system which will include all parts, installation and commissioning to keep you working safely.
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