The basic principle of operation is that the incoming dust has to be adequately wetted to add weight/mass to each particle so that it can be removed in what is fundamentally a cyclonic separator or baffled chamber or similar device. In the dust and fume control environment, there are many types of control equipment. A wet scrubber is a system which uses water to separate the collected dust or fume from the air stream. We here at AirFab can help you choice the right system for your situation.

In locations where there is a large quantity of water available, i.e. coastal locations, a wet scrubber (Venturi type) is an ideal collection system as it requires less maintenance and has no moving parts, differing from reverse jet pulse collectors which use only compressed air. Some other benefits of wet scrubbers include;
  • No moving parts
  • They need less space as they have a smaller footprint
  • Ability to handle high temperatures and moisture
  • Can be used to remove gases and particulate matter
  • Can be used to neutralize corrosive gases
There are several types of wet scrubbers available to suit a variety of applications and industries. Each has advantages and disadvantages subject to the type of fume, particle type or a system that requires both to be separated from the air stream with the same equipment. For example:
  • Spray Nozzle Tower scrubbers
  • Venturi scrubbers
  • Chemical scrubbers
The basic principle of operation is that the incoming extracted air containing fume, particles or both has to be wetted to add weight/mass to each particle so that it can be removed in what is fundermeantly a cyclonic separator or similar device.

The liquids are atomized via a fixed venturi or spray nozzles which attracts the particles and a mist type separator is used to separate them from the air stream. Aerosol and gaseous pollutants in an air stream are removed by absorption or chemical reactions with the water solution. All collected waste is discharged at the bottom of the scrubbers in a liquid form and disposed of separately (slurry).

Scrubbers can be used in a wide variety of applications including high temperatures and the selection of one type of scrubber is based on a number of important factors, with our wide range of experience in these and many other types of dust and fume control systems, we can audit your site and existing plant to help you work out the best equipment to meet your requirements.
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