Why maintain dust collectors?

Dust collector maintenance needs be done regularly to ensure optimum safe performance of the equipment and areas serviced. We offer a regular inspection service, where we can provide you a comprehensive inspection report on any current or potential issues. We have skilled technicians and engineers who are able to advise and complete Dust extraction servicing as well any Dust extraction repairs.

What does a dust collector do?

Dust collectors provide an essential function to every environment where dust is produced in the process. This dust can be dangerous if not properly ventilated away from the working area, this is where the design and functionality of the dust collection system is vital. With regular inspection and maintenance optimising your dust collection system, you will be assured of your workers safety whilst at work.

How is dust bad for your staff?

Exposure to Fine Dust can have detrimental health effects and has been known to lead to a multitude of health issues as well as potential long term respiratory problems, and fine particles in the air could cause catastrophic explosions.

Dust Collector Servicing

Dust collector maintenance will ensure that your dust collection equipment is still performing as it was intended. Over time dust collection equipment is adjusted and modified to suit the current requirements of the business, such as moving equipment or expanding current machinery. However these dust collection system modifications can cause various side effects to the performance of your system. We are able to do a complete inspection and report as well as re-balance or perform any other necessary adjustments to your dust collection system.
Dust extraction maintenance is especially important on an older system as general wear and tear on the system can reduce it’s overall performance, this can vary from filter bags, cleaning systems (shaker dust collectors or reverse pulse collector type) as well as the corrosion of parts and supports. With over 30 years experience in dust and fume supply, installation and maintenance we can provide expert solutions for any situation or requirements.

Dust extraction system not working as well as it used to?

Although your system can provide you years of safe dust collection, it needs to be maintained, depending on the overall usage of the system, filter bags, parts and overall system performance need to be annually inspected, to avoid any costly breakdowns or repairs. We provide you competitive pricing on inspections and spares and have a full range of filter bags in stock. As dust collectors are often designed to suit the application and environment, filter bags can often be unique, we have a reliable and reputable factory which is able to manufacture to order, including small quantities of filter bags, which you can install yourself or we can install for you

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