WIA Fabricator W19

Machine for Hire – Hire charges apply until Equipment and all accessories are returned

Rent from $220.00

Total: $ ( days).
Rental return within days.

Rates are per week and inclusive of GST.
A discount is applied at 2 weeks and another at 5 weeks but if you require the equipment longer we provide long-term hire rates, so please contact us.

The Weldmatic W19 has been designed to
be used with consumable wires in the range
from 0.6mm to 2.0mm diameter. The smaller
wire sizes are used when welding at lower
currents, such as sheet-metal applications.
Increasing the wire diameter permits higher
welding currents to be selected.

** Please Note: Images are sample machines only. The product hired may differ in appearance. **

Dimensions 42 × 32.5 × 36 cm

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